Change gear

A new brand platform and launch campaign to promote MPB – the online destination to buy and sell used photo and video kit. MPB’s mission is to open up the world of visual storytelling in a way that’s good for people and the planet. Pushing for accessibility and sustainability with its circular economy.

Client: MPB
Campaign: Change Gear

Change Gear (30s)

MPB has been established for over 10 years in the creative hubs of Brighton, Brooklyn and Berlin, but in 2021 they asked us to launch the brand to a new ‘active enthusiast’ audience.

The new brand platform ‘Change’, highlights MPB’s intention to put camera kit in more hands and do it sustainably, allowing all walks of life to share their story. The launch film shows the many ways photos and video can change us, including photo-journalism, portraits, fashion and wildlife, highlighting the importance of visual storytelling to represent cultures, change history, change the way people see themselves, and ultimately change the world.

TV, digital and social assets were made from photography and videography by MPB staff and talent affiliated with the brand, creating content that felt authentic – from the voice-over that shares the story to the people within it.

Throughout the year, the idea of change continues with digital content that pushes against the excesses of global habit, from Cyber Monday to Christmas gifting. With e-waste becoming the fastest growing waste stream and 60 million Christmas gifts left unwanted each year, this felt like an opportunity to really change attitudes and behaviour, with environmental impact.


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