We are a team of  restless, passionate, creative people helping some of the world’s most exciting brands to change things.

We’re a global creative collective transforming our clients’ businesses with ideas that change things alongside working with 450 of the world’s most ambitious humans across eight offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Dublin, New York, Toronto, Singapore, Shanghai and of course, London. We don’t usually like to brag but since this is our website, we are one of the most globally awarded agencies across creativity and innovation, with key accolades including Cannes Lions: Top 3 Independent agency of the Decade; Contagious Pioneers’ & Fast Company’s Most innovative companies and Digiday’s Most collaborative culture. We are also the first and only global creative agency to receive both the global 3% Certification and global certification from Fair Pay workplace, something we are very proud to have achieved.

Helen James
Helen James

CEO Europe

Johan Eghammer

Executive Creative Director

David Proudlock
David Proudlock

Chief Strategy Officer

Trudi Harris

Director of Purpose and Impact

Alex Stolerman

Managing Partner, Growth

June Frangue

Head of Design

At F&B, we are committed to equality.

And we believe change is best driven by action.
Our tangible expressions of this commitment and this belief are:

A leadership programme, co-founded by Helen James which aims to ensure more women in leadership positions across the industry.

An initiative offering pro bono consultancy and creative work for black owned businesses to help them achieve
their goals and grow their businesses.

Female forward studio for future-facing brands. On a mission to change the industry from the inside out. To speak with women rather than at them. 

We are the first and only global creative agency to receive both the global 3% Certification – ensuring there are more female creative leaders throughout the world.

We are also proud to have achieved global certification from Fair Pay Workplace meaning we create more equity in our workplaces.

Members of the body convened by UN Women to eradicate harmful stereotypes in media and advertising content. 

A fast and agile agency, combined with global insight, reach, and delivery.

We are part of the Stagwell network of agencies, which means we can deliver creative cut-through at scale, globally.

The art and science of creativity, Stagwell is a digital-first, full-service marketing and communications group that works with simplicity and speed at scale. Built from the ground up to focus on the needs of the marketers of today and tomorrow, Stagwell works as one connected unit to serve clients across their needs- from research and creative to digital transformation and communications.

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Brands we broke better

Miriam Eceolaza
Global Marketing Director The Glenlivet

“I couldn’t ask for better partners. Over the last three years we have rebuilt the brand and rebuilt confidence in our business.

The work has had a transformative effect, Helen, & David were with us all the way

Johan Radojewski
US Vice President Marketing Scotch, Irish & Prestige Whisk(e)y at Pernod Ricard

“One of the best, clearest brand platforms I’ve ever seen at Pernod Ricard”

Chris Greenfield
Corporate Partnerships Manager
at Single Homeless Project (SHP)

“The team had a very clear vision for the campaign, worked diligently to hit tight deadlines, and were extremely versatile in adapting areas of the campaign to fit in with our wider strategy.

And to top it off they have all been such a fantastic, friendly bunch of people to work with.”

Vanessa Gräf
PR Manager Running

“ASICS’ purpose completely sets us apart from all other sports brands.  Which is why our challenge is always to come up with new, creative ideas that do our story justice. And that’s exactly what the team did by delivering a visually impactful and beautifully candid women’s campaign that we hope will inspire many women to move for their mind.”