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More than a fifth of Brits think NO can mean YES when it comes to sex.

Despite UK law saying that both people need to give their consent to sex, the public isn’t always clear about what consent means.

This murkiness shows up in court too, where the notion of implied consent – making an assumption based on someone’s behaviour – is accepted. Victims often have to battle bias and prejudice as they try to prove they did not consent. This can be particularly difficult when common reactions to sexual violence include freezing or when they do not verbalise the word ‘no’.

We needed to get people talking about, thinking about, and ultimately changing the laws around affirmative consent. That’s why we launched I’m Asking For It. 


Through a bold 360-degree campaign, we and our partner Right to Equality are putting pressure on Parliament to update the UK’s 20-year-old sexual offence laws and introduce the Affirmative Consent model.

Created by a team that included survivors and running nationwide across out of home, press, digital display and social media, the intentionally provocative body of work reminds viewers how women are often treated by society and the courts – and the excuse used too often that they were ‘asking for it’ – and then flips the narrative: What she’s actually asking for is legal change.. 

We need to start asking for consent and asking for it now. No more ‘implied consent’ – only a Yes should mean Yes. 

That’s the Affirmative Consent standard and we’re asking for it.
Sign the petition at affirmativeconsent.uk